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This plugin will generate a new user after they submit Any form that has the fields Name and phone. The idea is that if someone comes to your site to fill out a survey, application, contact form, or support ticket, they're instantly given a user account.

Name is converted to the new username (spaces removed) i.e. Name input of John Doe will give the new username of JohnDoe.

Password is generated from input phone (dashes removed) i.e. phone input of 612-555-6789 will give the new user a password of 6125556789.

Plugin also logs in the user automatically.

This is a nifty plugin to more easily convert site visitors into members without having them fill out a registration form for the ten billionth time in their lives.

Just make sure your form (any form) has the inputs Name and password (case sensitive) else edit the plugin to match your desired inputs.

After installation, the plugin file to edit can be found at-


Contact us if you'd like to hire help with customization, we're quick and experienced.

On our own site, we added a redirect to this plugin that sends users to their jomsocial profile with a welcome message after they've completed a short survey and been automatically given an account and automatically logged in. Some ideas for you :)

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